lindy siu

I'm Lindy Siu—a freelance copywriter based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, working with clients locally and internationally. My favourite part about freelancing: meeting and collaborating with like-minded clients and creative partners from all over the world.

Since the start of my freelance journey in 2014, I've been collaborating closely with kulturspace, a Berlin and LA-based creative consultancy. Through our projects together, I've built a diverse international portfolio of clients from different industries and cultures. 

All these experiences have made clear a simple fact: communication is about getting the message across as simply and personally as possible. To do that, first, we have to put ourselves in the reader's shoes. We have to answer the most important question on their minds: why should they care what you (or I) have to say? 

Which brings me to you. Tell me about your project. Let's work together to give your brand an authentic voice.