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Day 5: Sustainability over Speed

It’s been 1 year since I took up boxing, and 7 months since I started my Brazilian jiu-jitsu journey. And I’m just getting started! It’s odd how a small decision like signing up for a free trial class can lead one to explore a path otherwise undiscovered. I’ve never been the athletic type, though I used to do some sports in school. But 1 year on, I can’t imagine my life without hitting the gym at least 4 days a week.

Perhaps it was meant to be that I walked into my kind of gym. The kind of gym that puts its people and values first, over profits and numbers. It’s a place where you train with like-minded individuals, learn by playing, and form meaningful friendships over time. They have a strict policy of maintaining an ego-free training environment, a practice that’s reflected by trainers and members alike. The combination of all these elements keep me going back for more.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past year from my hours on the CMD mats. I’ve endured the initial discomfort of getting punched in the face (laughs), desensitised myself to having sweaty, heavy guys ‘gently’ choking me out (grins), and seen a vast improvement in my physical fitness.

But above all, I’ve learnt that sustainability, not speed, delivers results. I might not be the fittest person around, or the most coordinated, but I’ve seen myself progress, slowly but surely.

Certain movements come more naturally for some than others. The trainers and senior members make it look easy, but it’s a result of years and years of hard work and consistent training.

Likewise, when it comes to honing any craft, the hours we put in add up. Slowly, but surely. It’s easy to get disheartened when we don’t see immediate results. Alas, we live in a society that seems to demand speed as the default mode of operation. But if we were to cut ourselves some slack and allow our minds and bodies to learn in good time, perhaps we would see that it’s not speed, but sustainability that matters in the long run.

Yes, it’s tempting to go for the quick fixes. Don’t we all want to be fitter, better looking, richer, smarter, more successful, all without putting in the effort? (winks) Of course we do.

But as experience shows, quick fixes don’t work. You’ve got to lay the foundation to pave the way forward, no? Cultivating sustainable habits ensures that we stay on track and focus on the big picture.

It’s okay to go slow and enjoy the journey. Remember the tortoise! (smiles)

#365shadesofcreativity, as inspired by #yearofcreativehabits

LindySiuDay 5: Sustainability over Speed
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